Quality & environmental policy

Kokkola LCC Oy’s goal is to be a profitable and competitive company. We supply our customers the best possible products and service.

Our experienced staff knows our customers’ requirements and are responsible for implementing the products, service and quality of operation. Our entire staff is committed to fast and flexible deliveries. By networking, we are able to serve our customers even when the dimensions or form of the component are not suitable for our own machine base.

By continuously developing our operations, we ensure that we are able to meet changing quality and environmental requirements. We are constantly striving to develop our business in a more environmentally friendly way and we are aware of the environmental impact of our operations. Our laser caoting service supports sustainable development and promotes the efficient use of natural resources. The management undertakes to produce quality in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in force as well as environmental regulations. Our quality and environmental policy is reviewed regularly to ensure its suitability and effectiveness.

Kokkola LCC Oy’s aim for occupational safety is zero accidents. This objective is achieved through preventive measures by minimizing occupational safety risks and keeping occupational health at a sufficient level. We are committed to respecting equality and the ethical principles of racism without corruption.

Circular economy

A circular economy means that resources are kept in the economy even when the product has reached its end of life. The aim is to design and manufacture the products so that they remain in use and run as long as possible. Kokkola LCC Oy wants to be part of the development of the circular economy. Kokkola LCC Oy’s operations rely heavily on the principles of the circular economy. The high quality laser coating ensures longer service life for repairs, often surpassing the original. The laser coating of new products gives the component a longer lifecycle, strongly supporting the principles of a circular economy, utilizing all parts while saving natural resources by maximizing the product life cycle.

Our company holds quality certificate ISO 9001: 2015 and environmental certificate ISO 14001: 2015.

Green Company Effect

See our responsibility statement and actions – click on the GCE logo.

Kokkola LCC oy has been selected to appear on SITRA’s list most interesting companies in the circular economy.

Kokkola LCC oy has been selected to appear on SITRA’s list most interesting companies in the circular economy